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2 Straps & 3 Buckles

2 Straps & 3 Buckles

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Bundle includes Black and brown leather straps with Silver, Gunmetal Silver and Matte Gun Black buckles.

6 different possible belt combinations.

All of our straps come in a long 59-inch length and fits up to a 56-inch waist.

For any smaller waist size, you simply trim the strap down from the raw end of the strap that inserts into the buckle with regular scissors to your waist size.

The video below will show you exactly how it's done.

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  • 1.37" Belt Width

  • Genuine Leather


    • Interchangeable Buckles
      (see how) Mix and Match buckles and straps
    • One size fits most
      (see how) Trim-to-fit exact waist size- 16" to 56".
    • Lifetime Guarantee
      Lifetime guarantee on all product functionality.